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1. Polly-Olly-O
2. Down On The Farm
3. Last Night On

The Back Porch
4. Those Panama
5. Yes! We Have
No Bananas

6. Glad
7. Tea For Two
8. Oh, Lady Be Good
9. Fascinating Rhythm
10. Look Up And Smile
11. If All The Stars Were
Pretty Babies
12. Say It With
A Red Rose
13. Sweetness
14. Did You Mean It?
15. I Wanna Be
Loved By You
16. I Can't Give You Any-
thing But Love Baby
17. Four Little

Remastered 1923-1929 Edison Record Recordings


   This CD presents a selection of the popular dance music of 1923 to 1929 recorded by The Green Brother's Novelty Band for Edison Phonograph Company. The Green Brothers were regarded as the world's greatest Xylophone artists, a reputation still extant today.
   The Green Brother's recordings were among the best selling records of the twenties. With their performances on Edison, Victor, Columbia, Brunswick, OKEH and dozens of other labels, the Green Brothers left most other groups in the dust including most of the jazz groups that experienced weak sales of their records. That explains why the jazz records were and remain so rare today...few people bought them.
  The Green brothers (George and Joe) made nearly 150 recordings for the Edison Phonograph Company beginning in 1916 continuing until the recording studio closed in 1929. Edison, though partially deaf, could tune a piano and judge fidelity of tone with uncanny sureness and he ran his recoding company with a sure hand. The Green Brothers' first contract, handled by George Hamilton Green alone, was for six solo recordings. His brother, Joe, was drummer and xylophone soloist with John Phillip Sousa until 1919 when he joined George to form the Green Brother's Novelty Band. Over the years, New York's best musicians appeared with the Green Brothers who pioneered the first coast-to-coast big band radio broadcast in 1928 and went on to record with every major record label.